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Tune Up-Autozest

“Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. AutoZest has the right equipment and staff expertise needed to make your car purr.”

  • Included in service:

Connect the vehicle to our Tune Up Machine with Scope and Gas Analyser.

Carry out checks on the engine prior to tuning including;

 Check the ignition timing and dwell

 Check KV performance of ignition coil, leads and spark plugs

 Check manifold vacuum

 Check the power balance of each cylinder

 Check fuel mixtures at idle, progression and heavy acceleration using the gas analyser

Advise the owner of any repairs or parts required

Replace parts as authorised

Perform the engine tune and adjustments


*(Engines using a carburettor require tuning on a regular basis for best economy and performance)

Tune Up

Starting From $175.00

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Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. At Autozest Complete Auto Care, we visually inspect all of your engine components and install new parts including spark plugs and fuel filters as needed.


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