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Transmission Service-Autozest

The single greatest cause of transmission failure is lack of maintenance.

At AutoZest we will flush your entire transmission, including the torque converter and transmission cooler hoses, to promote a longer car life without the expensive repairs.

We will road test your car

Connect a transmission flush machine to the oil cooler

Run the engine and transmission until operating temperature

Flush the old fluid out and exchange with new through each gear

Disconnect the flush machine and adjust new fluid level as required

Re-road test your car

Re-check the fluid level and adjust if required


Transmission Service

Starting From $199.00

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Automatic transmission service deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels. Over time, the fluid inside the automatic transmission degrades. Manufacturers often recommend replacement at intervals stated in years of service or miles of driving. The interval may be shorter for severe use. Replacing transmission fluid and making other services done at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals improves lubrication and helps to maximize the life of the transmission service.

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