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Conditions & Disclaimer  


Carburettor has been serviced to standard specifications

Re-Jetting may be required to suit the engine – it is the fitter’s responsibility to re-jet and set up the carburettor as necessary – it is impossible for us to set up and jet to suit without the engine present and we have not charged for this procedure.

Should you need advice when setting up, please call us on 08 93314747 we are happy to help wherever we can.

You are welcome to bring the vehicle to us to set up for you, however, charges will apply.



Conditions of Sale

Carburettor serviced to standard specifications

Re-Jetting may be required to suit engine

Dirt or water will VOID warranty

If fitted to gas powered engines, must be operated on petrol when cold and every day or carburettor will fail and warranty will be VOIDED

If choke system is water operated, thermostat must be checked for correct operation

Opening or tampering with carburettor without permission will VOID warranty

Invoice MUST be presented if warranty work is required


Injector Disclaimer

While we take every care, it is impossible for us to warrant the length of life of any injector we service. 

We cannot and therefore do not warranty against the injectors failing electrically. They were “Used Parts” prior to being serviced and it is impossible to predict how long the electrical solenoids will continue to operate to specification. We can only give a report as to their condition at the time of testing. 

We cannot and therefore do not warrant against the injectors becoming blocked by dirt or damaged by water after they are fitted back onto the engine. It is the Fitter's responsibility to ensure the ENTIRE fuel system is cleaned, the fuel filter is replaced and that the fuel is fresh.




Conditions of Exchange & Core Deposit


Carburettor is supplied on an exchange basis. Owner's original carburettor MUST match the unit supplied, MUST be returned within 10 working days, MUST be in a serviceable condition (able to be reconditioned), MUST have all electrical and vacuum components working and in place as supplied.

Failure to deliver a replacement carburettor Core Unit will result in forfeiture of the Core Deposit.

Should the replacement carburettor be deemed un-reconditionable the Core Deposit will be forfeited. 

The cost to replace damaged, broken or unusable electrical and vacuum components will be deducted from the Core Deposit before monies are refunded.

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