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Brake Repair Service

Brakes make your car STOP. We are Fully Qualified with the right equipment to make sure they do just that


Disc Brake Service

Our disc brake service includes:

Replacement of Disc Brake Pads

Inspection of brake calipers and greasing of slides

Inspection of wheel bearing play and adjust where applicable

Inspection of disc rotors, machining or replacing as required

Test brake fluid, top up  and check brake hydraulics

Road test and bed in new brake pads


Drum Brake Service

Our drum brake service includes:

Replace Brake shoes

Inspection of wheel bearing play and adjust as applicable

Inspection of brake wheel cylinders and replacement if necessary

Inspection of brake drum condition, machine or replace if required

Test Brake Fluid, top up and check brake hydraulics

 Road test, bed in new brake shoes and recheck handbrake adjustment


Brake Service

Starting From $199.00

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