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AutoZest – Complete Auto Care & Carburettor Exchange is a new name for an old business. It is a reflection of the change of owner, address and services offered, from what was once Carburettor Exchange – Fremantle.

Although the name is new, by keeping Carburettor Exchange as part of the name, it is intended to pay homage to its origins and the people who were a part of its history.

Carburettor Exchange started life in an old service station workshop for the first couple of years of its life in Essex Street Fremantle. It was the brain child of one Bob Evens who had retired from his previous occupation and decided that he needed a hobby to keep himself active but not stress him out.

So after looking around for some time, he came upon the need in the motor industry for a company to repair faulty or sick carburettors on cars, light trucks and small buses. After a short space of time, the workshop started to become too small for the amount of work that was rolling in. So, a move was on the books.

After looking around for a new home for the business, Bob settled on an unoccupied wool shed at 10 ADA Street Fremantle, which once was the home of an auto electrical firm. Bob also started a Volkswagen repair shop in the same building. Staff members grew to 5 full time mechanics for the carburettor section, 1 full time mechanic and 1 apprentice for the VW section.

About 1990, Bob opened another branch at Morley behind a carpet shop off of Walter Road, which later moved to Boag Place (a much bigger and better building with better access and within walking distance of Repco). At around the same time, Bob also looked into and started a branch in Brisbane. All these businesses were doing well, but eventually Bob's health began to decline, so he sold off the Brisbane branch to the gentleman that was the then manager and is still a thriving business to this very day.

He also decided to sell off the remaining two branches of the business to the then current branch managers, Morley was bought by Len Ludwik and his son in law Paul. Len has since retired and the branch no longer exists. Alan Cooper bought the Fremantle branch around 1996 and has owned it until 30 June 2016. The wool shed that housed the business was pulled down and converted to three deluxe houses netting the owner approximately 2.2 million dollars per unit. So another move.

This move was to Unit 1/75 Forsyth Street O'Conner. Here the business has remained until the end of June 2016. This move was not to be the last. As of the 1st of July 2016, the business changed hands an acquired a new name. AutoZest - Complete Auto Care & Carburettor Exchange.

As times have changed, so has the design of the average car. It would not be unrealistic to say that over 98% of all petrol-powered motor cars being built today, operate using an electronic fuel injection system.

Carburettor fuel delivery systems have, for the most part, gone the way of the record player, drive-in movie theatre and cassette player.

A nostalgic memory of a bygone era for most, while for some, an integral part of a more complete experience, be it a wistful trip down memory lane or a passionate love affair with all things motoring.

We have decided to keep providing the specialised carburettor service built on decades of acquired knowledge, while offering a more complete, multi-faceted service suitable for modern vehicles, ranging from “Mum’s taxi”, to the “work ute”, to the “daily drive”, to the “weekend toy”.

So, whether it is owning and driving that one truly special car in all its original glory, or having a log book service on your brand new car, AutoZest is able to take care of all your car’s service and repair needs.

Auto Zest ,an Automotive Repair Shop, specialise in Car Services,Brakes,Clutch Repair in Fremantle,Melville.